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Best Places To Visit
& Unforgettable Activities

By Lise | February, 2021

Would you like to visit Shanghai ?


The largest city in China with its 26 million of residents, Shanghai is one of the most interesting megalopolis to visit in the world. Whether for holidays, work or an expatriation, this city promises you the experience of an unforgettable trip. Located in the East of the country and from 1200 km to Beijing, Shanghai is a relatively young city that experienced spectacular growth in the 1990s and is now designated as the economic capital of the country, particularly thanks to its international opening encouraged by its commercial port (First in the world) and the construction of its business centre in Lujiazui, renowned for its futuristic skyscrapers. Visit an atypical city that will make you travel to a breathtaking universe between tradition and modernism.

The 8 Places You Must See.

1. THE BUND (外滩 wài tān)

Let’s start our visit with this impressive 1.5 km boulevard that follows the Huangpu River. This place is a must-see in Shanghai as you will find the best view of the business district of Pudong, shaped by its breathtaking futuristic towers. Therefore, it is the ideal place to make beautiful photographs by day and especially by night! You can also stroll around to admire the architectural charm of the different styles of buildings (Neoclassical, Gothic, Baroque): the impressive dome of the former HSBC bank, the large clock of the customs office…

SUBWAY EXIT: lines 2 or 10 “East Nanjing Road” + 10 minutes’ walk (see map ↓)

2. JING'AN TEMPLE (静安寺 Jìng'ānsì)

Let’s continue our visit to the oldest Buddhist Temple in Shanghai and let yourself be transported by its breathtaking architecture built during the 3 kingdoms period (220 – 280). You will live a unique experience that will give you a soothing effect as soon as you pass the front door, a real pause in time within this temple yet located in the heart of the city and surrounded by buildings, a disconcerting contrast. You will be able to walk freely, meet a few monks, admire the immense Buddha full of wisdom of 15 tons and even share a moment of spirituality by lighting an incense stick…

SUBWAY EXIT: lines 2 or 7 “Jing’an Temple” + 3 minutes’ walk (see map ↓)

3. NANJING ROAD (南京路 Nánjīng lù)

With 1 million visitors per day, Nanjing Road is one of the most visited pedestrian streets in China ! Discover Shanghai’s best-known street (6 km long), a must-see in the city that can be visited day or night. During the day: you can stroll around and enjoy its many shops, bars, restaurants and even gourmet grocery stores that offer typical snacks and pastries (Zhen Lao Da Fang or →First Food Hall). At night: you will appreciate the almost magical decor of neon lights and colorful bright Asian signs, which will transport you to an ultra-modern universe. 

SUBWAY EXIT: lines 2 or 10 “East Nanjing Road” (see map ↓)

4. YUYUAN GARDEN (豫園 yǔyuán)

Explore one of the Jewels of Chinese heritage, a sumptuous garden invented and created for 20 years by the renowned Governor Pan Yunduan for his father during the Ming Dynasty. Originally private, it is now accessible to visitors who can admire its traditional architecture and its artistic details like these dragons that spring from the top of the walls that delimit the different parts of this 2-hectares garden. Ideal place to make beautiful pictures, you can walk there and enjoy this soothing Shanghai where nature and man live in harmony.

SUBWAY EXIT: line 10 “YuYuan Garden” (see map ↓)

dōngfāng míngzhū guǎng bō diànshì tǎ)

Visit the world’s 3rd tallest television tower (after Toronto and Moscow). Located in the business district of Lujiazui, the Oriental Pearl Tower (468 m high), amazes passers-by with its three magnificent pearl spheres invented by the Chinese architect Jia Huan Cheng in 1991. Climb into this pride of Shanghai, and enjoy a unique view of the city ! You will have the opportunity to take breathtaking pictures and the more adventurous will even be able to access an observatory with a transparent floor to have the city at their feet ! → Learn more…

SUBWAY EXIT: line 2  “Lujiazui” + 6 minutes’ walk (see map ↓)

(法租界 fàzūjiè)

Travel through time by visiting this historic district of Shanghai established in 1843 by French people. Enjoy the calm and chic atmosphere of this place enriched with a harmonious mix of Chinese and European traditions. This place is loved by expats and you will find: art-deco buildings, residential suburbs, many shops, design studios, art galleries as well as delicious small restaurants with a fine and international cuisine that I highly recommend as they delighted my taste buds during my lunch breaks when I worked in this nice neighborhood.

SUBWAY EXIT: line 10  “South Shaanxi Rd” (see map ↓)

7. SHANGHAI'S FINANCIAL DISTRICT LUJIAZUI (陆家嘴金融贸易区 Lùjiāzuǐ jīnróng màoyì qū)

Explore the incredible financial district Lujiazui of Pudong which offers you a futuristic visit thanks to its 5 incredible towers: 1- The Oriental Pearl Tower described above, 2- The Shanghai Tower (632 m) the second highest tower in the world which offers you another view of the city, 3- The Shanghai World Financial Center (492 m), 4- The Jinmao Tower where you can enjoy a chic cocktail, 5- The Oceanic Aquarium (20 500m²) in which you can discover sharks as well as the longest underwater tunnel in the world (150m long). In this district, you will also find gourmet restaurants, hotels and elegant bars.

SUBWAY EXIT: line 2  “Lujiazui” (see map ↓)


Enjoy the traditional atmosphere of this beautiful city of 2 million inhabitants (only 30 minutes by train from Shanghai). Half covered by water, this pretty city with cobblestone streets full of history and culture is famous for being the «Venice of the East». Discover an exceptional water town of more than 2500 years. Suzhou is popular for its silk and stunning UNESCO-listed gardens (including the largest since 1997: Zhuo Zheng Yuan). → Learn more…

Distance Shanghai-Suzhou: 100 km (30 min by train).
Departure: Shanghai Railway Station (上 海 Shanghai) ⇒ Arrival: Suzhou Railway Station (苏 州 Suzhou).

The 10 Unforgettable Activities To Explore.

Visiter shanghai - Tianzifang


The extraordinary district of Tianzifang (or Taikang Road).
→ Subway line 9 “Dapuqiao”
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Visiter shanghai - Restaurant Ultraviolet


The unique and immersive experience of the Ultraviolet restaurant (Chef Paul Pairet).
Learn more…

Visiter Shanghai - Formule 1


Formula 1: The Shanghai Grand Prix.
Learn more…


The highest bar-restaurant in China: Jin Mao Club.
→ Subway line 2 “Lujiazui” + 5 minutes’ walk. 
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A delicious and classic Chinese Hot Pot (Haidilao Hot Pot).
→ Subway line 9 “Sangcheng Rd” + 6 minutes’ walk.
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visiter shanghai - disneyland


The fabulous Shanghai Disneyland.
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visiter shanghai - le meilleur baozi


One of the best Baozi (steamed meat bun) from Shanghai at Yili Baozi Dian Xin.
→ Subway line 10 “Shanghai Library”.  Learn more…


The incredible and renowned Lost Heaven restaurant (Yunnan cuisine).
→ Subway line 10 “Shanghai Library” + 10 minutes’ walk.
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visiter shanghai - Maan coffee


A gourmet break in a wonderful setting (Maan Coffee).
→ Subway line 9 “Hechuan Rd + 13 minutes’ walk. 
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An extraordinary Chinese experience at Imperial Treasure Fine Cuisine Restaurant
(2 Michelin stars).
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Where to stay in Shanghai?

Shanghai has a wide range of establishments. Below you will find a list of interesting and well-located accommodation: *Estimated prices for April 2021.

For an excellent Quality-Price ratio:
⇒ Shanghai Rock & Wood International Youth Hostel
This establishment offers different comfortable rooms (from the «shared room» to the «single room with bathroom») at really reasonable prices. If you are planning a long stay, this is the ideal place, plus it has the advantage of being located at only 10 minutes’ walk from the Zhongshan Park metro station (line 2) − Changning District.

Motel 168 Shanghai Changping Road ~ 30€/night
In this quiet establishment you will find comfortable and well appointed rooms at a reasonable price. Conveniently located, Changping Road Metro Station (Line 7) can be reached within a 10-minute walk. If you like walking, Jing’an Temple is only a 30 minute walk away, an ideal stroll to discover the typical streets of Shanghai − Jing’an District.

Mercure Shanghai Royalton ~ 43€/night
This hotel is slightly off-center compare to the others however it offers rooms of excellent comfort with modern style. You will sleep well and can even enjoy its gym. Zhong Shan Park Metro Station (line 2, 3 and 4) is just a 10-minute walk away − Changning District.
To live a great experience:
Pullman Shanghai Jingan ~ 93€/night
Very well located, this hotel offers spacious rooms with elegant decoration where you will feel good. You can even enjoy its swimming pool ! Moreover, it is only a 2-minute walk from Shanghai Train Station and Metro Station − Jing’an District.

Radisson Blu Hotel New World ~ 145€/night
It is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the heart of Shanghai as it is located in the center of the famous Nanjing Lu Street. You will benefit from high-end services: restaurant with a magnificent panoramic view of the rooftops of the city, squash court, billiards, spa… Only 1 min walk from People’s Square metro station (line 1, 2 and 8) − Nanjing Lu Street.
For a luxurious experience:

Ritz-Carlton Pudong ~ 433€/night
Enjoy a unique experience at this hotel located in the heart of Pudong and just 500 metres from the Oriental Pearl Tower (and Lujiazui metro station). Its luxurious Art Deco-style rooms and large windows promise an exceptional view of this futuristic district of Shanghai. You will enjoy exquisite Cantonese cuisine and enjoy the breathtaking view from the rooftop bar for an unforgettable experience Pudong.

Useful information.

Getting around Shanghai is simple and inexpensive. Indeed, you can take the Metro (very easy and clean for a price of about: <1€) and the bus or the Taxi (very convenient, you will find it everywhere for a price of about: 0.38€ per km). However, regarding the Taxi, I strongly recommend you to write your destination in Chinese characters to tell the driver where you are going, indeed, many Chinese don’t speak English, this will avoid you funny situations.

Mobile app with the Subway Map:
→ Explore Shanghai Métro App

Mobile app to convert a currency amount to Yuan (CNY):
→ Currency Converter (App Store – Apple)
→ Currency Converter (Android)

Mobile app to communicate inside the country (Whatsapp equivalent):
→ Wechat App

Very popular e-commerce mobile app in China (Amazon equivalent):
→ TaoBao (App Store – Apple)
→ TaoBao (Android)

Mobile app (Google equivalent):
→ Baidu (App Store – Apple)
→ Baidu (Android)

I recommend you to consult your bank before your departure in order to have the best recommendations for all banking operations in Shanghai. Personally, I recommend the “Bank of China” with which I have never had any problems.


Having some basic vocabulary in Mandarin is always appreciated and reassuring for the locals, it is also a good way to start a conversation, even if it continues in English. To help you, here is an article that will teach you some basics, moreover no doubt that your little accent will please: → The basics.

Now, It's your turn to live an unforgettable experience, bon voyage !